WM Championships Rules

WM Championships Rules

The West Midlands Championships are normally held each year in October, November or December, and are organised by each West Midlands club in turn. They are staged in conjunction with a West Midlands League event and use the same allocation of age classes to Colour Coded courses as for the League event. The organising club shall display prominently a notice listing the age classes and the associated courses for competitors to be eligible for the Championships.

The Championships are open to all members of West Midland clubs, schools and universities within the region. Individual competitors must declare their eligibility at registration before competing. If not competing for a recognised WM club they must declare the school or team name.

In order to be eligible for the Championships a competitor must run the West Midlands League course designated for their Long class, or “run up” on a longer/harder course. A competitor running above their Long class colour is deemed to be running in the next highest class on that course, e.g. an M45 running Brown will be deemed to be running M40; a W50 running Blue will be deemed to be running W35; an M10 running Orange will be deemed to be running M12. Women running Brown will be deemed to be in the equivalent men’s class, e.g. a W35 would be classed as an M35; W40 or higher will be classed as M40.

There are ten trophies which are awarded to the winners of each of the Junior classes (M/W10 to M/W18). These should be presented as early as possible, as soon as all the winners are known.

The organising club should publish the winners’ names on their own web site and forward them to the web master of the West Midlands OA. The organising club is also responsible for printing and distributing the certificates awarded to the first three members in each Junior age class.

Henry Morgan (contact details on this page) can supply a customised certificate. Alternatively, a word template with text boxes is available for customisation here and a word template with background image only is here.