Laurie Bradley Trophy

Laurie Bradley Trophy

The 2023 Laurie Bradley Trophy was organised by Wrekin Orienteers at Telford Town Park; the club trophy was won by Wrekin with Octavian Droobers runners up. Summary individual results are available as a PDF to view or download; full HTML results are here and Charlie Leventon’s photos are here:

Eden Pigott (POTOC) won the TSB Mirror for Junior women, and Adam Landels (OD) won the TSB Trophy for Junior men.


The 2024 Laurie Bradley Trophy competition will be held on 1st January 2024, organised by Octavian Droobers. The Trophy is awarded to the club winning a 60-minute score event held every New Year’s Day in memory of Laurie Bradley, one of the pioneers of orienteering in the region and organised by WMOA clubs in turn.

Runners compete both as an individual and for their club.