What is MapRunG?

MapRunG is a ConnectIQ app that can run on many Garmin GPS watches. It allows you to use the watch to track your run and log the controls you visit, so you don’t have to carry your phone around the course with you.

So I don’t need a phone?

Yes, you will need to be running the MapRunF app on your phone (in fact a recent version of MapRunF is required to partner MapRunG), as this handles providing the course to your Garmin account and getting the track from it afterwards.

You’ll also need your phone to be running the Garmin Connect app, which does the transfers between your Garmin account and your watch.

But I can leave the phone at home?

Um, not really, no. You need to load the course into MapRunG when you start the MapRunG app. That means your phone (with Garmin Connect on as well) must be with you at that point. And if you start it before driving to the start of the course, it will more than likely have timed out and need re-loading by the time you arrive.

Anything else I need to know?

There’s lots of information about MapRunG and how to use it on the maprunners web site.

There’s also a list of compatible watches on the ConnectIQ app page.

If you like a video walk-through, Mark Clews of POTOC has posted this one on Facebook.


  • be aware that the app has a couple of screens, only one of which shows the last control visited (the most important piece of information you will want when out on your run!). If you have a touch screen watch (e.g. ForeRunner 630 etc) you may find an accidental touch takes you to the other screen. Easy to get back when you know, but confusing if you don’t!
  • make sure you have alerts set to be audible and or/vibration, otherwise you may not be aware when your watch has logged the control.

Please let us know if you have more tips to share!