WM League Rules

WM League Rules

The competition takes place over a number (usually between 10 and 12) nominated Regional Colour Coded events organised by the WMOA clubs during the course of a calendar year (to avoid confusion over age class changes). To ensure the quality of competition these events must have a Controller from outside the organising club.

It is an INDIVIDUAL competition for each of the BOF age classes from M/W10 up to M/W 90, and a CLUB competition based on the best 15 individual club members’ scores in a prescribed range of classes.

ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to all members of WMOA open or closed clubs who do not compete for other clubs in Major or National events.

In order to score points a competitor must run the course designated for either their Long or Short class, or “run up” on a longer/harder course. A competitor running above their Long class colour is deemed to be running in the next highest class on that course, e.g. an M45 running Brown will be deemed to be running M40; a W50 running Blue will be deemed to be running W35. Women running Brown score points based on the equivalent men’s class, e.g. a W35 is based on the leading M35; W40 or higher will be based on M40.

For League purposes all competitors are listed in their actual BOF age classes. Scores obtained by competitors running up are calculated in the higher class but will still count in their actual age class.

CLASS/COURSE ALLOCATIONS: These are as shown below, and the event Organiser should ensure that they are displayed at the event registration.


M Classes LongM Classes Short
Yellow TD2 1012
OrangeTD31214 70 75 80 85 90
Light GreenTD41416
Short GreenTD5 70 75 80 85 90 60 65
GreenTD516 60 6518 45 50 55
BlueTD5 18 45 50 55 20 21 35 40
BrownTD5 20 21 35 40


W Classes LongW Classes Short
Yellow TD2 1012
OrangeTD31214 60 65 70 75 80 85 90
Light GreenTD41416
Short GreenTD5 60 65 70 75 80 85 9040 45 50 55
GreenTD516 40 45 50 55 18 20 21 35
BlueTD5 18 20 21 35

ENTRIES: All eligible names in the official results of each of the events are automatically included in the League tables. Competitors should ensure that they enter using their correct BOF membership number so that they are recognised as the same person in each event.

SCORING: In each class the leading eligible WMOA competitor scores 100 points if running the course for their Long class, or 80 points if running the course for their Short class, irrespective of their actual finishing position on that course.

The score of all other competitors in each class is calculated as:

[Leader’s points (100 or 80)] x [Leader’s time] / [Competitor’s time]

Times are calculated in seconds and all points are rounded down so that no more than one competitor can score 100 points except in the case of a dead heat.

INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION: The final score for each individual is the sum of their best n scores or their total score if competing in less than n events, where n is defined as:

([number of events] / 2) + 1 if there is an even number of events in the season, or

([number of events] / 2) + 0.5 if there is an odd number of events in the season.

CLUB COMPETITION: The club score is the total of their 15 best competitors’ individual scores as defined above, in the following groups:

AJuniortwo fromM/W 10-18
BSeniortwo from M 20-45
C Senior two from M 50-55
D Senior two from W 20-55
EVeterantwo from M/W 60+
FAllfive from Any Class