Laurie Bradley New Year’s Day Score Rules

Laurie Bradley New Year’s Day Score Rules

A score event held on January 1st each year, organised by WMOA clubs in turn. 

Individual scoring:

  1. The time limit is 60 minutes for all competitors.
  2. Each control is worth 10 points. 
  3. A penalty of 10 points for each minute, or part minute, over 60 minutes is deducted from the runner’s score.
  4. There is no bonus for punching all controls in less than 60 minutes. 


  1. The Laurie Bradley Trophy is awarded to the WMOA club with the highest total scores of their 25 best competitors.
  2. There are two junior trophies, the TSB Trophy (Men) and Mirror (Women), which are awarded to the highest scoring M/W18 (or under) competitor. If two eligible competitors have equal points scores then they share the Trophy or Mirror (time is not taken into consideration).

Calculation of club scores:

  1. This will be done by computer. 
  2. The club printout should be available to the club captains before the presentation with time allowed for queries and corrections. Club captains should therefore make themselves available at download.


  1. Overprinted maps should be provided with control descriptions and revealed only at the time of the mass start.


  1. Toilets should be provided at the event.  The organising club needs to take this requirement and the holiday period into account when selecting the venue for this event. 


  1. To ensure the quality of competition this event must have a Controller from outside the organising club.