Colour Coded Badge Scheme

Colour Coded Badge Scheme

All Junior members of the region are encouraged to try and gain their West Midlands Colour Coded Badges. These can be earned as you move up from the easiest courses on to the more difficult ones. The Colour Coded courses included in the scheme, in increasing order of difficulty, are White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green, Blue and Brown, and badges can be obtained on each of these. Colour Coded Badges are particularly important for Juniors as they are used for selection into the West Midlands Junior Squad.

The easiest way to obtain Colour Coded Badges is by taking part in any of the West Midlands League events. A competitor qualifies for a Colour Coded Badge by achieving the Colour Coded Standard for that course on three separate occasions at these events.

A White Colour Coded Standard is achieved by anyone who successfully completes the White course.

For courses other than White the Colour Coded Standard is calculated using whichever of the following two methods gives the larger number of qualifiers:

  1. The time that is achieved by at least 50% of those who started the course, which includes those who retire or are disqualified.
  2. 150% of the winner’s time.

The Colour Coded Standard time for each course is often included in the final results, but if not can be easily calculated using the above. Juniors who have obtained the three required standards are automatically awarded the appropriate Colour Coded Badge, but if this doesn’t happen then they should contact Hilary Simpson of Octavian Droobers at her e-mail address: