Competitions and Fixtures

Competitions and Fixtures

The WMOA organises a number of competitions among its member clubs and individuals, and arranges local heats for two national competitions, the Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield and the CompassSport Cup / Trophy.

Club competitions:

  • West Midlands League: a series of usually around 10-12 forest events running over a calendar year. Every participant can score points for their club. Courses are available for all ages.
  • West Midlands Relays: a single event each calendar year. Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish in various categories.
  • Laurie Bradley Trophy: a score event held every New Year’s Day in memory of Laurie Bradley, one of the pioneers of orienteering in the region.

Individual competitions:

School competition:

National competitions:

The Yvette Baker Trophy and Shield are the premier Junior Inter-Club competition for English and Welsh clubs. They are named after Britain’s first World Orienteering champion, and are held annually and are for club teams comprising junior orienteers of all standards.

The CompassSport Cup / Trophy is the national Club Orienteering Championship and was started by CompassSport magazine’s founder Ned Paul in 1982.