Midland Championships 2021

Midland Championships 2021

The Midland Championships for 2021 were held as part of the SinS event at Rorrington and Stapeley, staged by Harlequins and Wrekin Orienteers on May 30th.

Members of any club belonging to the West Midlands, East Midlands or East Anglia Orienteering Associations are eligible to become Midland Champion.

The champions are:

M10Marcus RichardsonNORW10Alys PowellWAOC
M12Max Straube-RothODW12Harriet AllinsonWRE
M14Henry JeffriesODW14Hebe DarwinWAOC
M16Jake O’DonnellDVOW16Hannah MatherLOG
M18Barney Steventon- BarnesSUFFOCW18Not contested
M20Not contestedW20Not contested
M21Axel WeatherallWAOCW21Nadine WrightOD
M35Robert HoldwayPOTOCW35Kirsten StrainOD
M40Anthony SquireNOCW40Emma JarrettWAOC
M45Andrew RowePOTOCW45Anne StraubeOD
M50Alistair LandelsODW50Juliette SoulardOD
M55John DuckworthDVOW55Jill EmmersonOD
M60Mark PearsonWREW60Mary AdamsWCH
M65Barry ElkingtonODW65Carol DredgeWCH
M70Andy HemstedHOCW70Judith HoltDVO
M75Derek GaleDVOW75Sheila CareyOD
M80Mike CallowWREW80Carol RoscoeWRE
M85Not contestedW85Alison SlomanHOC

Congratulations to all the winners!

Full results can be found on the SinS web site

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