The Orienteering Foundation needs you

The Orienteering Foundation
is a registered charity, independent of British Orienteering.  It was set up from a bequest and is now raising money and giving grants which fulfil the following objectives:

  • provide facilities, access and opportunities within the community to encourage and promote orienteering;
  • provide capital and revenue support to increase and sustain participation in orienteering;
  • strengthen the links between orienteering and the community and harness the potential of orienteering as a force for the good in the community and society as a whole.
The Foundation is looking for the following:
  • Trustees for the Board which manages the affairs of the Foundation and decides on grant applications made to the Foundation.  We aim to get geographical representation across the country. It would provide good personal development for anyone who would like experience as a Company Director or Trustee. This is the opportunity to give something back to the sport and to enjoy seeing the benefits gained by recipients of the grant aid.  Most of the business is conducted electronically.
  • Members of the Campaign Team, who are prepared to approach orienteers and others to raise funds for the Foundation through donations, bequests etc.
If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact Neil Cameron on or 01684 294 791.