The links below query the British Orienteering National Fixtures Database. Certain local races, club activities and provisional events do not make it into the database so it is often worth checking club fixtures pages as well

Orienteering Events within 50 miles of Birmingham

Orienteering Events within 100 miles of Birmingham

Responsibility for the database, its completness, timeliness and accuracy lies jointly with British Orienteering (The maintainer] and the organising clubs [data providors]. User access to the BO database though this page is on the understanding that neither the WMOA, nor the maintainer of the WMOA site take any responsibility for the accuracy of the query string nor of the returned information.

You can find the current WMOA League fixtures here

Links to club fixtures pages are listed on the left of this page but please note that some sites DO NOT have a fixed fixtures page or do not allow "deep linking". Also note that there may be more than one fixtures page on a site - for example a page for 'standard-Sunday' orienteering and another for a night score league or Saturday morning races - so if you are desperate for your orienteering 'fix' and it seems there is nothing on - keep on clicking...


Laurie Bradley Trophy Score

West Midlands Championship

Midland Championship

Midland Night Championship

West Midlands Relays

West Midlands Schools Championship

Check the indicated club websites for further details